What is Remote Controlled Switch Board system? What are the advantages of it?

These days we are extremely getting used to smart home solutions that instantly connect us to the numerous home gadgets, appliances and allow us operating them with ease. We are already living in a connected reality where every new gadget is coming equipped with most advanced remote connectivity solutions. How can the old ceiling fans, room lighting and air conditioning system be left from this evolution? No, they cannot and that is why the Caro Light remote controlled switchboard is here.

The Caro Light remote controlled switchboard has been developed to meet the demands of connected reality we live in. The switchboard is really capable to make your life in more ways than one. But before explaining the key benefits of this switchboard let us explain some of the key characteristics.

Key features

Caro Light remote switchboard is all loaded with cutting-edge features that make it stand out from the competitors. Here are the key attributes of this switchboard.

Built for home and offices: You can use this remotely controlled switchboard in both home and office environments. It is perfectly suitable for home, office environment, restaurant, hotels, shops and any other commercial environments.

It is made for cost saving: Equipped with two-way switches and wiring it saves significant cost for your electrical installations while allowing hassle-free control over your electric equipment.

Ensuring protection: The wireless remote controlled switchboard is built as completely spark-proof and prevents any direct contact with wire-connected systems. This prevents any accident and ensures security and safety of the users.

1 Year Warranty: This remotely controlled switchboard comes with a 12-month replacement warranty to protect your product from any unwanted defects and system failures.

Affordable solution: The remote-controlled switchboard is priced affordable enough to help to buy and using this for different environments. You can actually make a hefty saving by doing away with two-way wiring while adopting this switchboard.

The key benefits

As of now, we have explained the key attributes of the remote-controlled switchboard and how they actually make value propositions for your home and commercial environments. Now we will explain the real-life advantages of this switchboard.

It is an energy saving solution: As the switchboard allows you to exercise better control over all your regular electrical equipment remotely, it remains as a highly powerful energy saving solution. Now you can switch off the lights and fans without moving your feet and this will help saving energy and consequently your electricity bill.

The ease of control for old and disabled: The remote-controlled switchboard solution has come as a tremendous value addition to the life of aged and disabled people. Allowing to switch off or switch off the light or fans remotely, it helps any aged or disabled person having difficulty to make frequent movements.

It is hassle free: When it comes to the installation of the solution, it comes as a hassle-free solution. You do not need to do anything with the existing wiring in your premises. With remote control switchboard, you can also do away with the need of doing anything with the wiring in future.

It is space saving as well: Finally, remote controlled switchboards also come as space-saving solutions for modern homes and commercial environments. These modular switches controlled by easy to controlled remote allows you operating several electrical appliances from one unit.


Apart from all the advantages mentioned above remotely controlled switchboard actually makes your interior smarter and perfectly in sync with your modern lifestyle. It makes operating the regular electrical appliances practically effortless. If not anything else, this smart way of operating light and fans is an unmistakable reason for buying this switchboard.


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