About us

CaroLight Technologies is a visionary brand with a unique value proposition in the field of Internet of Things (IOT) gadgets and smart solutions for modern home, office space and commercial ambience. The company which has gained a reputation for its unique set of smart gadgets and products that keep adding value to the lives of people, started its operation in 2015 from Ahmedabad and within couple of years rose to national recognition for the CaroLight range of smart electrical and electronic gadgets. The company relentlessly trying to come up with a unique lifestyle value for users has found its growth story rolling and customer expectations reeling.

CaroLight is the brainchild of its CEO Mr Prashant Soni, an electronics engineer, marketing MBA and a dream hunter who always refused to succumb to the lucrative earning proposition with the family business and job offers and decided to respond to his passion for reinventing home automation with a brilliant range of products. So, he founded CaroLight with the vision of producing a very useful, innovative and easy to handle home automation products that customers were always waiting for. fake breitling

CaroLight started its journey in the space of home automation with a bang when the company launched CaroLight remote controlled switchboard which boasts of a unique approach in allowing people to control electrical home equipment remotely and effortlessly. The company is continuing to research, brainstorm and put all its efforts to come with unique and innovative smart home automation products to make lives of people easier.

At present, the company has a well-equipped development facility peopled with skilled and experienced IOT developers, smart home automation experts and designers who together are working to come with unique and much-awaited smart solutions for modern homes and workplaces. CaroLight has played an instrumental role in popularising smart home products with its affordable price tags and expectedly it will continue to do so.

Our Mission

Our Mision

As the future-focused technology company, our mission is to transform the lives of people with unique, innovative, simple and smart solutions. We focus on creating solutions that stand out with values for real-life situations and contexts. We aim for building products that apart from adding substantial value to the user experience also fits into the smart lifestyle of modern individuals.

Our Vison

Our vision is to lead the pace of smart home solutions as a technology brand and ensure global presence with development centres spread across the continents. We look forward to growing as a technology brand championed by the worldwide popularity of our unique smart home products and connected solutions across multiple niches. Our vision is to create benchmarks of customer appreciation and popularity with a range of never-before solutions.

Our Credentials

As an excellence-driven technology startup and smart home solutions developer, our credentials now consists of unique smart home solutions like CaroLight remote controlled switchboard and a few other smart home solutions right now in the pipeline. We boast of a robust team of developers and technology thinkers who are constantly on the lookout for unique smart home solutions for the future.

Our Team

Prashant Soni

basant baghchandani


Samudre aditya


basant baghchandani