What is Remote Controlled Switch Board system? What are the advantages of it?

These days we are extremely getting used to smart home solutions that instantly connect us to the numerous home gadgets, appliances and allow us operating them with ease. We are already living in a connected reality where every new gadget is coming equipped with most advanced remote connectivity solutions. How can the old ceiling fans, room lighting and air conditioning system be left from this evolution? No, they cannot and that is why the Caro Light remote controlled switchboard is here.

The Caro Light remote controlled switchboard has been developed to meet the demands of connected reality we live in. The switchboard is really capable to make your life in more ways than one. But before explaining the key benefits of this switchboard let us explain some of the key characteristics.

Key features

Caro Light remote switchboard is all loaded with cutting-edge features that make it stand out from the competitors. Here are the key attributes of this switchboard.

Built for home and offices: You can use this remotely controlled switchboard in both home and office environments. It is perfectly suitable for home, office environment, restaurant, hotels, shops and any other commercial environments.

It is made for cost saving: Equipped with two-way switches and wiring it saves significant cost for your electrical installations while allowing hassle-free control over your electric equipment.

Ensuring protection: The wireless remote controlled switchboard is built as completely spark-proof and prevents any direct contact with wire-connected systems. This prevents any accident and ensures security and safety of the users.

1 Year Warranty: This remotely controlled switchboard comes with a 12-month replacement warranty to protect your product from any unwanted defects and system failures.

Affordable solution: The remote-controlled switchboard is priced affordable enough to help to buy and using this for different environments. You can actually make a hefty saving by doing away with two-way wiring while adopting this switchboard.

The key benefits

As of now, we have explained the key attributes of the remote-controlled switchboard and how they actually make value propositions for your home and commercial environments. Now we will explain the real-life advantages of this switchboard.

It is an energy saving solution: As the switchboard allows you to exercise better control over all your regular electrical equipment remotely, it remains as a highly powerful energy saving solution. Now you can switch off the lights and fans without moving your feet and this will help saving energy and consequently your electricity bill.

The ease of control for old and disabled: The remote-controlled switchboard solution has come as a tremendous value addition to the life of aged and disabled people. Allowing to switch off or switch off the light or fans remotely, it helps any aged or disabled person having difficulty to make frequent movements.

It is hassle free: When it comes to the installation of the solution, it comes as a hassle-free solution. You do not need to do anything with the existing wiring in your premises. With remote control switchboard, you can also do away with the need of doing anything with the wiring in future.

It is space saving as well: Finally, remote controlled switchboards also come as space-saving solutions for modern homes and commercial environments. These modular switches controlled by easy to controlled remote allows you operating several electrical appliances from one unit.


Apart from all the advantages mentioned above remotely controlled switchboard actually makes your interior smarter and perfectly in sync with your modern lifestyle. It makes operating the regular electrical appliances practically effortless. If not anything else, this smart way of operating light and fans is an unmistakable reason for buying this switchboard.

Top 5 Cost effective Home Automation Product for Indian Market below 2000 INR

There is no dearth of smart electronic gadgets in the market. In the new connected reality we are getting used to wake up with the ringing of a smart alarm system that instantly reminds us of the weather outside and the tasks pending for us. But most of these systems are expensive and beyond the reach of common folks in India.

But there are also companies and brands that continue to produce for us some high quality smart automation products that are cheap and affordable. Here we have picked 5 such cost effective home automation products that are now available well within 2000 rupee.

  1. Premium AV Smart Door Lock

There all sorts of smart door lock systems in the market with connected mechanism to control the access remotely and strong authentication. While most of such locks come with a hefty price tag, the Premium AV Smart Door Lock comes with an affordable price tag well below INR 2000.

The lock is operated with one biometric fingerprint reader to control the access apart from offering an advanced and intelligent algorithm to work smoothly with different users. The lock also comes loaded with features like alarm bell, third party electric lock and a standalone exit button.

  1. TP Link Warm white, temperature changing and RGB bulbs

There are too many high quality smart lights in the market representing all types of brands and light types. But smart lights largely remained as an upmarket product principally because of the high cost. Well, we now have a really affordable smart light priced well within INR 2000 that works well with both Android and iOS apps.

Apart from allowing mobile operation directly from the device screen, this smart light also works with the voice command in sync with Amazon Alexa. Thoroughly wireless and fully equipped to work with smart connectivity solution, this is one of the cutest smart light option in the market now.

  1. CaroLight Remote Controlled Smart Switchboard

This is a wonder smart home solution that can literally make the life of disabled, old folks and everyone easier. This remote controlled switchboard which works wirelessly will allow controlling your lights and fans just with the press of a button on your handheld remote.

The switchboard is completely wireless and connected with the remote wirelessly. You can operate the lights and fans within a room through this. This is particularly helpful for elderly people and disabled who find it harder to move around.

  1. ULTIPLE Dual Antenna WiFi IP Smart Onvif Camera

There are all sorts of smart indoor security camera in varying price ranges. But if you want to choose a powerful option with a balanced set of features along with smart connectivity option, there is nothing like the Ultiple Dual Antena WiFi IP Smart Onvif camera. Is is one of the few smart cameras that come with a truly affordable price tag, just within INR 2000.

The camera comes with inbuilt dual antenna to ensure optimum and reliable speed and very stable network connectivity. It comes equipped with powerful RS433 alarm. It offers three easy to use setups and full support to work with the connected app available in iOS, Android and Windows platform. The camera has two-way audio including a built-in Mic & Speaker. This allows talking to your family and friends directly over phone or PC. It also has powerful night vision capability with the inbuilt IR LEDs.

  1. Singnitrics smart smoke detection system

Smart alarms for detecting fire and smoke serve a very important purpose in modern interiors and buildings. If you want to protect your home from any sudden breakout of fire with a smart system, the Singmatrics smart smoke detection system comes as an ideal option.

It is extremely portable and lightweight and can easily be fixed into any ceiling or wall as per the suitability of the interior. The best thing is it gives a pretty noisy alarm as soon as any smoke or fire is detected. For any home or apartment it is just an ideal solution within an affordable budget.

Remote controlled switchboard is a low-cost innovation product for the Indian market

There is no dearth of innovations all over the globe. If you look at all the major crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter and Indiegogo, almost every day we come across a new technology or an innovative gadget. While such spirited innovation to make our lives better with value additions is really commendable and worth welcoming, the larger portion of the global population cannot afford them simply because most of these innovative gadgets are expensive like high-street designer fashion items. This is precisely why when a new and affordable technology arrives with a bang, we welcome it wholeheartedly. Such is the case of new remote controlled switchboard.

Remote controlled switchboard with several valuable features have become so popular and well appreciated. They not only boast of an easy to use technology complete with smart connectivity solution, but they also come cheap like anything. Apart from the intellectual property right and cost of innovation, the material value of the product really doesn’t amount so much. In spite of building the switchboard quite affordably with market-ready components, these switchboards are built stronger and built to withstand wear and tear for ages. On top of all these, these switchboards are built to make life easier for operating lights and fan in any interior.

If you look at the boom and bust scenarios of world’s leading economies, you will realise that technological slowdown has contributed immensely to such situation. But hi-tech revolution around a few affordable tech products can actually propel the enthusiasm and interest around a few products and make the economy stronger for them. This is why in countries like India where a large portion of population has little stake at the continuous innovation of products, affordable products like remote controlled switchboards can play a huge role in pushing the tech revolution.

If you take the case of India, you are bound to realise that a large portion of the entire population still remains disconnected with all the technological upheavals happening around the world just because of the challenge of affordability. In a country where simple electrical goods like the fans and lights are still coveted products for many homes, simple and affordable solution like the remote controlled switchboard can really help the downtrodden to benefit from the new breed of smart home systems. The promise of controlling all the fans and lights through a handheld remote seized the people’s attention beyond recognition.

KaroLight remote controlled switchboard developed by few promising techies really promised to make lives better by preventing the factors that add up over the cost. KaroLight is a simple solution made up of a non-wired and WFi enabled switchboard and a remote control that allows controlling all the fans and lights of a home interior. In Indian homes where preventing the wastage of electricity is a serious concern, this product from KaroLight can solve several problems at one go. It came as a truly low cost innovation for Indian homes.






How can a Remote Control Switch Board System Give you a sense of luxury?

These days smart home automation systems are really making our life awesome. We are increasingly getting used to these comfort mechanisms and gadgets with every passing day. A smart home with every gadget responding to our wishes and needs with the slightest effort offer us a truly lavish experience. A remote-controlled switchboard system has become the latest fad as a smart automation tool. By replacing the old wired switchboard with a smart WiFi connected one will give your home the final touch of luxury and exuberance over and above the so-called home gadgets.

Luxurious but thoroughly utilitarian as well

If you think these remotely controlled switchboards represent just a fancy technology devoid of any real substance in terms of ease of use and value addition, you are completely wrong. More than the so-called notion of luxury and elegance that this smart home system is associated with, this remotely controlled switchboard actually proves to be thoroughly utilitarian and purposeful for our lives. Just because it allows you operating your lights and fans remotely without bulging your feet an inch, it actually ends up saving electricity besides making our lives easier.

Don’t forget the humanist side of this innovative product

The remote-controlled switchboard may help you operate your electrical gadgets without a least effort it it can carry the positive social stigma of luxury and lavishness, but none of these aspects actually do justice to the real benefits of this product. The best thing about such remote smart switchboard is that they help the lives of people who need such ease of use most in their day to day lives.

For example, any disabled person in-house will find it to be a godsend as it will help him turning the light on or turning the fan off without struggling to reach the switchboard. The same goes as true for the elderly population who because of the obvious effect of ageing just struggles to move around. Whether it is the diseased or the disabled or the aged people, all of them can find these remotely controlled switchboards tremendously beneficial to help them operate the electrical gadgets without the slightest difficulty.

It is fancy and chic technology as well

At first sight, anyone is bound to get amazed to know that such switchboard looks so pretty and stylishly befitting for any modern interior. Yes, in spite of bossing of a really useful technology for every home, these remotely controlled switchboards look fancy and chic as well. Designed to meet the taste of modern homes, this switchboard can just make the space more intelligent while always remaining true to its efficient performance.

Finally, it is time to ask do we have many options to choose from? How many of these options really look credible to the efficacy we are expecting and in respect of design excellence. By blurring away these opposites, all new CaroLight smart switchboard came. This switchboard is equally gorgeous in look and outstanding in performance.


CaroLight Remote Switch

Keeping sync with the increasing popularity of smart home solutions CaroLight has just launched a new remote controlled switch board. This is a unique and first-of-its-kind product offering exceptional ease of use while controlling your regular electrical gadgets. Exceptional design with a fully equipped panel of switches and a remote control made the product an awesome smart home solution in its own right.

What CaroLight remote control switchboard offers?

The CaroLight remote control switch board comes with 12 modules. While the 6 modules on the upper side are used for remote control operations, the lower 6 consists of 2 sockets and 2 manual switches as well. All the switches in the panel are push-button switches allowing swift control with light finger pressing.

How CaroLight remote control switchboard works?

The best thing about the CaroLight remote controlled switch board is its exceptional ease of use. You can operate 4 lights and two fans through the board. To help you control the fan speed the product also comes with an LCD display with 7 different segments.

The product offers an IR remote that can operate lights and fans from an approximate distance of 40 feet which is quite enough even for a spacious interior. The remote is powered by button cells. You have a few colour choices for the outward borders of the switchboard.

How smart a solution CaroLight remote control switchboard is?

As of now you obviously started to think over the value proposition of the product for your interior. Well, if you want to enjoy easy control of your fans and lights in the room and if you like to operate them without nudging a muscle, there cannot be a better solution than this. This handy remote control product will help you switching off the light when your kids at next room are asleep and reduce the fan speed in the middle of the night when you suddenly feel cold. It really becomes an integral part of your smart home solutions.

The key advantages of using CaroLight remote control switchboard

Apart from the ease of control for all your lights and fans at home, this new smart remote controlled switchboard will also be particularly useful for certain people, like the elderly citizens, differently-abled persons and kids. Let us see here a few of these advantages for different age groups and people with disabilities.

  • Elderly people staying alone in rooms who often find it hard to reach out to the switches to turn on or off or reduce the speed of lights and fans can find CaroLight a godsend solution.
  • Differently-abled people suffering from some disabilities always need help for simple actions like turning on the light or speeding up the fan. From now on, they can just find the CaroLight remote as their closest aid available right on their hands.
  • Children and kids who often forget turning off light or turning off the fan when they do not need them can now make a habit of operating them with a remote control close in hand.

CaroLight is the all-in-one solution for everyone to operate fans and lights with ease. Do you still want to know how it can add value to your lifestyle? Just give us a call or drop us a message and we will reach out with a Live demo at your convenience.