CaroLight Remote Switch

Keeping sync with the increasing popularity of smart home solutions CaroLight has just launched a new remote controlled switch board. This is a unique and first-of-its-kind product offering exceptional ease of use while controlling your regular electrical gadgets. Exceptional design with a fully equipped panel of switches and a remote control made the product an awesome smart home solution in its own right.

What CaroLight remote control switchboard offers?

The CaroLight remote control switch board comes with 12 modules. While the 6 modules on the upper side are used for remote control operations, the lower 6 consists of 2 sockets and 2 manual switches as well. All the switches in the panel are push-button switches allowing swift control with light finger pressing.

How CaroLight remote control switchboard works?

The best thing about the CaroLight remote controlled switch board is its exceptional ease of use. You can operate 4 lights and two fans through the board. To help you control the fan speed the product also comes with an LCD display with 7 different segments.

The product offers an IR remote that can operate lights and fans from an approximate distance of 40 feet which is quite enough even for a spacious interior. The remote is powered by button cells. You have a few colour choices for the outward borders of the switchboard.

How smart a solution CaroLight remote control switchboard is?

As of now you obviously started to think over the value proposition of the product for your interior. Well, if you want to enjoy easy control of your fans and lights in the room and if you like to operate them without nudging a muscle, there cannot be a better solution than this. This handy remote control product will help you switching off the light when your kids at next room are asleep and reduce the fan speed in the middle of the night when you suddenly feel cold. It really becomes an integral part of your smart home solutions.

The key advantages of using CaroLight remote control switchboard

Apart from the ease of control for all your lights and fans at home, this new smart remote controlled switchboard will also be particularly useful for certain people, like the elderly citizens, differently-abled persons and kids. Let us see here a few of these advantages for different age groups and people with disabilities.

  • Elderly people staying alone in rooms who often find it hard to reach out to the switches to turn on or off or reduce the speed of lights and fans can find CaroLight a godsend solution.
  • Differently-abled people suffering from some disabilities always need help for simple actions like turning on the light or speeding up the fan. From now on, they can just find the CaroLight remote as their closest aid available right on their hands.
  • Children and kids who often forget turning off light or turning off the fan when they do not need them can now make a habit of operating them with a remote control close in hand.

CaroLight is the all-in-one solution for everyone to operate fans and lights with ease. Do you still want to know how it can add value to your lifestyle? Just give us a call or drop us a message and we will reach out with a Live demo at your convenience.





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