Remote controlled switchboard is a low-cost innovation product for the Indian market

There is no dearth of innovations all over the globe. If you look at all the major crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter and Indiegogo, almost every day we come across a new technology or an innovative gadget. While such spirited innovation to make our lives better with value additions is really commendable and worth welcoming, the larger portion of the global population cannot afford them simply because most of these innovative gadgets are expensive like high-street designer fashion items. This is precisely why when a new and affordable technology arrives with a bang, we welcome it wholeheartedly. Such is the case of new remote controlled switchboard.

Remote controlled switchboard with several valuable features have become so popular and well appreciated. They not only boast of an easy to use technology complete with smart connectivity solution, but they also come cheap like anything. Apart from the intellectual property right and cost of innovation, the material value of the product really doesn’t amount so much. In spite of building the switchboard quite affordably with market-ready components, these switchboards are built stronger and built to withstand wear and tear for ages. On top of all these, these switchboards are built to make life easier for operating lights and fan in any interior.

If you look at the boom and bust scenarios of world’s leading economies, you will realise that technological slowdown has contributed immensely to such situation. But hi-tech revolution around a few affordable tech products can actually propel the enthusiasm and interest around a few products and make the economy stronger for them. This is why in countries like India where a large portion of population has little stake at the continuous innovation of products, affordable products like remote controlled switchboards can play a huge role in pushing the tech revolution.

If you take the case of India, you are bound to realise that a large portion of the entire population still remains disconnected with all the technological upheavals happening around the world just because of the challenge of affordability. In a country where simple electrical goods like the fans and lights are still coveted products for many homes, simple and affordable solution like the remote controlled switchboard can really help the downtrodden to benefit from the new breed of smart home systems. The promise of controlling all the fans and lights through a handheld remote seized the people’s attention beyond recognition.

KaroLight remote controlled switchboard developed by few promising techies really promised to make lives better by preventing the factors that add up over the cost. KaroLight is a simple solution made up of a non-wired and WFi enabled switchboard and a remote control that allows controlling all the fans and lights of a home interior. In Indian homes where preventing the wastage of electricity is a serious concern, this product from KaroLight can solve several problems at one go. It came as a truly low cost innovation for Indian homes.







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