Top 5 Cost effective Home Automation Product for Indian Market below 2000 INR

There is no dearth of smart electronic gadgets in the market. In the new connected reality we are getting used to wake up with the ringing of a smart alarm system that instantly reminds us of the weather outside and the tasks pending for us. But most of these systems are expensive and beyond the reach of common folks in India.

But there are also companies and brands that continue to produce for us some high quality smart automation products that are cheap and affordable. Here we have picked 5 such cost effective home automation products that are now available well within 2000 rupee.

  1. Premium AV Smart Door Lock

There all sorts of smart door lock systems in the market with connected mechanism to control the access remotely and strong authentication. While most of such locks come with a hefty price tag, the Premium AV Smart Door Lock comes with an affordable price tag well below INR 2000.

The lock is operated with one biometric fingerprint reader to control the access apart from offering an advanced and intelligent algorithm to work smoothly with different users. The lock also comes loaded with features like alarm bell, third party electric lock and a standalone exit button.

  1. TP Link Warm white, temperature changing and RGB bulbs

There are too many high quality smart lights in the market representing all types of brands and light types. But smart lights largely remained as an upmarket product principally because of the high cost. Well, we now have a really affordable smart light priced well within INR 2000 that works well with both Android and iOS apps.

Apart from allowing mobile operation directly from the device screen, this smart light also works with the voice command in sync with Amazon Alexa. Thoroughly wireless and fully equipped to work with smart connectivity solution, this is one of the cutest smart light option in the market now.

  1. CaroLight Remote Controlled Smart Switchboard

This is a wonder smart home solution that can literally make the life of disabled, old folks and everyone easier. This remote controlled switchboard which works wirelessly will allow controlling your lights and fans just with the press of a button on your handheld remote.

The switchboard is completely wireless and connected with the remote wirelessly. You can operate the lights and fans within a room through this. This is particularly helpful for elderly people and disabled who find it harder to move around.

  1. ULTIPLE Dual Antenna WiFi IP Smart Onvif Camera

There are all sorts of smart indoor security camera in varying price ranges. But if you want to choose a powerful option with a balanced set of features along with smart connectivity option, there is nothing like the Ultiple Dual Antena WiFi IP Smart Onvif camera. Is is one of the few smart cameras that come with a truly affordable price tag, just within INR 2000.

The camera comes with inbuilt dual antenna to ensure optimum and reliable speed and very stable network connectivity. It comes equipped with powerful RS433 alarm. It offers three easy to use setups and full support to work with the connected app available in iOS, Android and Windows platform. The camera has two-way audio including a built-in Mic & Speaker. This allows talking to your family and friends directly over phone or PC. It also has powerful night vision capability with the inbuilt IR LEDs.

  1. Singnitrics smart smoke detection system

Smart alarms for detecting fire and smoke serve a very important purpose in modern interiors and buildings. If you want to protect your home from any sudden breakout of fire with a smart system, the Singmatrics smart smoke detection system comes as an ideal option.

It is extremely portable and lightweight and can easily be fixed into any ceiling or wall as per the suitability of the interior. The best thing is it gives a pretty noisy alarm as soon as any smoke or fire is detected. For any home or apartment it is just an ideal solution within an affordable budget.


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