what is the range of remote control?

Our remote control work effectively till 40 feet. But it can range up to 80 feet. We keep our remote as IR (Infra red) Based because its signal won’t pass by wall and heavy objects, so it benefits by not interfering into same product installed next room/house.

Which plastic material is used in your panel?

In our product, For whole front panel we use PC material with FR(Fire Resistance) grade and For Back box we use ABS material.

What is size of your product panel?

Our Product panel size is 12 module.

What is color of display and indication Led?

We Provide our product with Red and Blue color variant.

how can we know the speed of fan regulator?

We provide display(7-segment) to know the Fan speed.

Is your Fan Regulator Humming Free?

Yes, we Provide humming free fan regulator.

Can we customize your product as per our requirement?

Yes, you can customize our product. As we provide 12 module panel in which upper 6 module are in-built Fix (4 Light and 1 Fan), and lower 6 module are in-built Changeable (2 socket and 2 manual switch). So you can replace lower 6 module by manual switches, Manual Fan regulators, Air condition Switch etc.

Can we connect more than one Fan in single switch?

You can but total power load must not exceed 150 watt. And both fan will work at same speed.

Can we connect more than one bulb/tube light in single switch?

You can connect multiple bulb/tube light to single switch but you must make sure that Load does not exceed 150watt per switch.

How many steps are there in Fan regulator?

There are Five steps in Fan regulator.